Have you ever wanted your very own alpaca? For a limited time, we’re offering a special opportunity to buy two alpaca, and we will help you choose a third for free! Ever wanted to work on an alpaca farm? Here’s your chance! We’re hiring!

Culling the Herd Sale

If you’re interested in expanding your established herd or acquiring alpacas for the first time, Laura and John can assist you in choosing the ones to best address your needs and goals. This is a great opportunity to get three alpaca for the price of two. Limited time only, some restrictions apply.

Our current listing of alpaca for sale is representative of only a few available, so call us today at 757.218.4520 or 757.707.5052 to set up a Buyer’s Tour to see them all and select your very own.

We’re Hiring!

Currently, we have two job openings for which we are actively seeking candidates. You can view the job postings and instructions for applying here.