This fun and interactive tour introduces you to the full array of animals at the farm, our farming philosophy, and our daily practice of KLR (Kindness, Love, and Respect) toward each other, our animals, and our environment.

We begin the tour at the end of the peninsula to discuss our geographic location within the Chesapeake Bay Resource Protection Area. Here, we discuss how this influences our decision-making and farming practices as environmental stewards. We then visit our hydroponic fodder house in which we grow 100% organic barley grass for all of our animals using only water.

As this is a working farm, specific venues may change given what is happening the day of your tour; however, our goal remains the same: to introduce you to as many animals as possible during the three-hour period. Stops on the tour may include learning about and visiting:

  • Our miniature horse, Stella, and our miniature donkeys, Peepers, Gizmo, and Betty Boop.
  • One of our three chicken coops and our duck pond.
  • Our rescued, spayed and neutered feral cat community.
  • The Maternity Barn to visit the mama alpacas and their crias (i.e., baby alpacas).
  • Our four horses, which include two Tennessee Walkers, KC and Laney, a Belgian Warmblood named Bo, and his best friend, Bentley, a retired Thoroughbred racehorse.
  • Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats: Aries, Zeus, Hercules, and Mercury.
  • Our Jersey Steers: Bo Bo, Jack, Peter, Phillip, and John.
  • One of our eleven Alpaca Barns where we go into the pasture to interact with and observe the alpacas as we learn all about them and their wondrous fiber.
  • Our guard llama, Jack, who protects our alpaca herd.
  • The pigsties and farrowing house where we have many KuneKune miniature pigs, ranging from piglets to adults, at any given time.

We are certain you’ll have a great time on this excursion and will come away with a firsthand look at how we deeply care for all of our animals and how we operate such a large farm in an environmentally conscientious manner.

The cost of the Three-Hour General Admission Tour is $15/person age 5 and older. Cash or check is preferred payment. We can accept all major credit cards; however, a $0.50 convenience fee is applied per person to cover credit and debit card merchant fees.

Please call 757.707.5052 to reserve your seat today!