Fox Wire Farm of Toano offers personalized boarding and agistment services for your alpacas with over 35 acres of pastureland to accommodate your alpaca’s grazing. Our staff cleans the barns and fields twice daily and provides plenty of clean, fresh water around the clock, ensuring a comfortable, safe, and healthy environment for your alpacas.

Fox Wire Farm co-owner, Laura Hineman, is an experienced breeder and farm manager, who has earned the affectionate title of “Alpaca Whisperer” with her staff. She provides individualized care for each alpaca that boards at our farm, calling them by name, and demonstrating the respect and appreciation every animal deserves.

Laura and her staff, provide your alpaca with everything it needs: balanced nutrition distributed in each alpaca’s own feeding bowl, proper medical care, on-site fecal examinations and parasite control, and lots of love! Our veterinarians are located just a few miles away from our farm and are available 24/7 in a timely fashion should any emergencies arise.

Pricing:  $225/month per alpaca. This includes Rabies and CD&T shots; Corid; worming; mineral supplements; all grain, hay, and electrolytes; toenail trimming; and one veterinarian wellness check each year.Emergency veterinarian services are not included; their standard fee applies.

Terms of Service:  Any alpaca coming in for boarding must have an up-to-date Veterinary Health Certificate and negative fecal test result performed within 10 days prior to transport to the farm.For more information or to coordinate and reserve accommodations, please contact us at 757.218.4520 or