Our School Farm Tours are often the first introduction most children and youth have to interact with and learn about farm animals, including our alpacas. We thoroughly enjoy giving them an experience they will never forget! One that will instill in them a desire to continue learning and caring about animals for the rest of their lives!  These tours are tailored much as our Private Custom Tours; however, the non-refundable $100 deposit to schedule the tour is applied to the overall cost of the tour based on $15/person, with the remaining balance being paid the day of the tour.  We offer this savings as a reflection of our commitment and mission to educate young people of all ages and backgrounds to practice our tenets of KLR—Kindness, Love, and Respect for our animals, our environment, and each other.

To schedule a School Farm Tour, the responsible school official should contact us well in advance of the preferred tour date with the anticipated number of participants, including adults.  We can accommodate up to 25 individuals on our tour buses.  This ensures individualized attention is paid to each student, keeping the tour safer and more enjoyable so students can interact one on one with our animals.

Advance reservations allow us the opportunity to discuss with you specifically which venues you would like to visit, the length of your tour (up to 3 hours), and how to best accommodate your students and their interests.  We recommend that students bring picnic lunches to be enjoyed at some point during the outing as we have several locations on the farm which make great picnic spots!

A minimum of 10 individuals, including adults is required to schedule a School Farm Tour.  We do require an appropriate number of adult chaperones (dependent on the age and number of students) to participate in each tour to provide supervision.  The cost of the tour is $15/person. Cash or check is preferred payment. We can accept all major credit cards; however, a $0.50 convenience fee is applied per person to cover credit and debit card merchant fees.

Please call 757.707.5052 to schedule your School Farm Tour today!