Every year in early Spring, Fox Wire Farm of Toano brings a shearing crew to the farm to harvest the year’s fiber crop.  The 2020 Shearing is scheduled for Saturday, April 11. You can follow us here or on Facebook or Instagram for updates about the 2020 Shearing.

Shearing Day is an exciting and fun-filled day during which we run Shearing Tours to the farm so individuals can see firsthand how shearing is done and learn about our alpacas and their fiber. 

The 2018 Shearing was such a success that it made the news!  You can enjoy the clip here

Our 2019 Shearing was very well attended with over 270 guests touring the farm to witness the shearing. 

Volunteers Needed

With such a busy day, we are looking for individuals interested in volunteering during the shearing. 

All volunteers must be 18, in good physical health, be willing to accept the assignments we give you throughout the day, and be available for the entire day (7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.).  Volunteers receive a T-shirt, light continental breakfast, lunch, and plenty of beverages throughout the day.  We also have a celebration after all guests have left and the shearing is complete.

If interested, please contact Tamera at 757.879.1037.