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  All tours are by Appointment Only by calling

757.707.5052 to schedule.

There are several types of tours we offer to include Expanded,

School (field trip), Custom and Tractor Pulled Hay Rides (Seasonal).  We warmly welcome all groups and all ages.

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Located at 8105 Richmond Road Suite 201, Toano, VA

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We now offer 3 Expanded "Hands On & Interactive" Farm Tours Daily!  Expanded Farm tours are scheduled from 0930 – 1245, 1130 – 1430 and 1330 – 1645 daily; weather, temperature and farm conditions permitting.  The costs for our Expanded Tours in cash is $15.00 per person regardless of age.  Credit Cards are warmly welcomed, however there will be a $0.50 surcharge applied per person to cover credit card merchant fees. 

PLEASE NOTE THIS VERY IMPORTANT CHANGE TO OUR EXPANDED "HANDS ON & INTERACTIVE" FARM TOUR POLICY: Tour participants 5 years and older get the opportunity to directly interact with the animals.  We welcome all to visit our farm; however, children under the age of 5 and individuals in wheelchairs or walkers are not permitted on the Three-Hour General Admission Farm Tour.  For these individuals, we recommend scheduling a Private Custom Tour for you, your family and friends to address special needs and to avoid restrictions concerning entrance into animals pens.  Please see CUSTOM TOURS below.

The Expanded Farm Tour is taken on our Heated and Air Conditioned Fox Wire Farm Alpacas Tour Bus.  The bus leaves promptly at 0930, 1130 and 1330 respectively.  Group size is limited to no more than 20 tourist at a time to ensure all participants have the opportunity to safely interact with the animals. Tours with less than 10 tourists will be rescheduled to another time in order to maximize farm resources and labor.  We reserve the right to cancel and reschedule tours as conditions dictate.  All tours begin and end at the Farm Store located at 8105 Richmond Road, Suite 201, Toano, VA 23168. 

Ice Cold Water, Bug Spray, Hand Sanitizer, and Sun Screen is provided at no additional cost during this tour. 

Typical Expanded Tour Agenda (subject to change):

0915 – 0930 Meet/Greet at the Farm Store & Boutique & Load Up the Bus

~0940 Arrive at the Farm and proceed to the Chesapeake Bay Resource Protection Area (RPA).  Fox Wire Farm is made up of approximately 200 acres of farmland, pastureland, woods, and creeks.  Spectacular water front view, wildlife and environmental discussions on how the farm adheres to the Federal, Sate, and County Clean Water Acts and how we protect the Chesapeake Bay Tributary and Estuary System. 

~0950 Hydroponic Fodder House.  This is the building where we grow our barley fodder for the animals via hydroponic gardening.  We use no dirt, no chemicals, no pesticides, nothing but artesian well water.  In 9 days we take approximately 3 cups of dry barley seed and grow it into ~20 pounds of delicious barley grass which is naturally high in protein. 

~1010 Chick Brooder Tour (if we have any chicks).  We have close to 700 birds on the farm producing delicious farm fresh organic eggs.  Many of which are purchased by several of Williamsburg's Finest Restaurants to include the Carrot Tree.

~1025 Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  Tourists get the opportunity to interact directly with the goats.  Very sociable and gentle animals who love being hand fed goat treats.  Being goats they also enjoy nibbling on pants legs, shoe laces, and loose shirts!

~1045 Jersey Calves Viewing:  5 Jersey Calves rescued from Factory Farms in and around Chambersburg, PA.  They come when they are called and love visiting "their tourists!  Especially Bo-Bo!

~1100 Alpacas!  We discuss the joys in raising and caring for these wonderful animals as tourists get the opportunity to "get up close and personal" with an alpaca.  Loads of fun as these alpacas are very social able and enjoy interacting with visitors. 

~1130 Guard Llama Jack.  Interesting discussion on Jack responds to predator threats (both 4 legged and 2 legged) and protect the alpacas.

~1145 Tennessee Walker Horses, a Belguim Warmblood and a Rescued Throughbred Race Horse who enjoy interacting with visitors.

~1200 Chicken Viewing and the "Great Wall of Toano" Environmental Discussion.

~1215 KuneKunes!  Miniature pigs originating from New Zealand.  Tourists get the opportunity to go into the "pig pen" and interact with them.  Very friendly, Intelligent and social animals!

~1230 Restroom Break (if required)/Miniature Donkeys.  3 miniature donkeys who love tourists and "Stella" our miniature horse who is so cute and cuddily it looks like she stepped right out of the pages of the FAO Schwartz Toy Catalog!

~1245 Load up the bus and return to the Boutique.

School/Field Trips:  Tailored farm tours for each age group and base activities according to SOL requirements (if any).  Fox Wire Farm Activity & Fun Books (SOL K – 6) are available for a nominal fee as well as water, juice, soft drinks and the alike.  Cost is relative to the activities requested.

Custom Farm Tours are also available.  These tours are customized around your specific requirements.  Need to bring your vehicle to the farm?  Small Infants and children?  Elderly?  Handicapped?  Special Needs?  Need a specific time?  Like to picnic afterwards?  Ladies Night?  Only want to see the alpacas? No Problem!  Simply give me a call, pick the date and we'll get your customized tour built and priced to your specifications.  I want you to have a great time and will always strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

We have hosted and facilitated scouting events; senior citizen walking tours, special education events and gatherings; photography clubs; kayaking clubs; children parties; 'Ladies Night Out' and the alike. The costs for reserving a Custom Tour is $100.00.  This is non-refundable as we have to "block out" a specific date and time.  Custom Tour admission prices (in addition to the reservation costs) are relative to the activities requested and negotiated accordingly.  We can safely accommodate up to 25!  For groups larger than 25, a pre-tour of the farm is required and scheduled beforehand with event organizers to ensure all requirements and costing are well known and established.  



Tractor Pulled Hayrides


It's that time of the year again! Spring, everything coming up GREEN and Tractor Pulled Hayrides!   The hayrides can accommodate about 15 people per tour.  Costs to reserve a Tractor Pulled Hayride is $100.00.  This is non-refundable as we have to "block out" specific dates and times and prep the tractor and hay trailer.  General Admission is $15.00 per person regardless of age.  This is in addition to the reservation fee.  This tour will follow the same basic itinerary as the other tours.

"ATTENTION"  Under Virginia law, there is no liability for an injury to or death of a participant in an agritourism activity conducted at this agritourism location if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of the agritourism activity.  Inherent risks of agritourism activities include, among others, risks of injury inherent to land, equipment, and animals, as well as the potential for you to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to your injury or death.  You are assuming the risk of participating in the agritourism activity.

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Paca Fact of the Day

Alpacas are herd animals and are instinctively gregarious, as are other domestic livestock. They obtain security and contentment from having at least one other alpaca for company.

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