Continuing through October, we’re extending our Winter Coat Clearance Sale! Don’t miss it! Duck eggs continue to be half price, $3.50/dozen, and you now can buy two packages of sausage and get a third free while supplies last! We now have fresh mulch available, $10/yard, $25 local delivery. Call to place your order!

Winter Coat Clearance Sale

Drop by and take advantage of our clearance sale on last year’s winter coats for men and women. We need to make way for the new fashions coming out, so we’re offering all winter coats at a reduced price.

Our layaway plan is perfect for making that winter coat investment. For 10% down with no monthly fee, you have a year to pay off your layaway item. Now, with our clearance sales, you can take advantage of the lower prices and pay it off when you really need it when chilly weather arrives. Who can beat that deal?

Pick Up the Essential Fixin’s for a Fox Wire Farm Breakfast Skillet!

While supplies last, pick up a dozen duck eggs for half-price at $3.50/dozen, and when you buy two packages of our sausage, you get a third for free!

Although duck eggs taste like chicken eggs, they have a creamier, firmer texture. Slightly larger than chicken eggs, they are heart-healthy with more Omega 3 fatty acids. Also, they are a favorite among cooks as baked goods fluff up so much more due to the higher ratio of egg white to yolk.

Our sausage comes in mild, medium, hot, maple brown sugar flavor, and sweet and sassy, which is a blend of medium heat and maple brown sugar seasonings. Processed locally from our KuneKune pigs raised on our farm, our sausage is very lean compared to average store-bought commercial brands with just enough fat for flavor and even cooking. Best of all, no unnecessary artificial preservatives or nitrates have been added, so the flavor is truly farm fresh! If you can’t decide what flavor or heat to try, feel free to try different kinds during this sale in order to discover your favorite and please the varied palates of your family and friends.

Together, these two Fox Wire Farm items are the foundation for making a flavorful breakfast skillet that depending on your preferences, may include potatoes, tomatoes, onion, celery, mushrooms, peppers, and your favorite cheese. Yeehaw and bon appetit!

Alpaca Fashions for Autumn Wear!

Men’s Baby Alpaca Crewneck

This lightweight and ultra soft casual men’s sweater features a three-button closure at the neckline. Available in sand, this crewneck is made of 70% baby alpaca and 30% silk.

Men’s Golf Sweater

This classic cardigan sweater features matching pockets on either side of a V-neck button-down front with rib-trimmed cuffs and bottom hem. This sweater is sure to be a much-loved favorite that will never go out of style! Available in green (shown), navy, red, grey, and brown, this sweater is 100% alpaca.

The Trujillo

Our men’s Trujillo is a stylish and comfortable fashion choice that is versatile, lightweight, and warm! It sports a modern pattern with a zippered front and pockets. Made in Peru, of 100% felted baby alpaca fiber.

Felted Alpaca Hat

One of our most popular items for men and women, these hats are felted alpaca with water-repellent technology and 100% leather bands crafted to endure the great outdoors! Available in black, moss (shown), and tobacco, our Felted Alpaca Hat will comfortably protect you from any kind of weather on any adventure!

Paca Corn Cardigan

This lovely one-size-fits-all garment has textured stitching and is made of 65% alpaca and 35% nylon, providing warmth while also being lightweight enough for Autumn wear.