Every year in early Spring, Fox Wire Farm of Toano brings a shearing crew to the farm to shear our herd and harvest the year’s fiber crop.  The 2019 Shearing, was a one-day event held Saturday, April 6 and was a great success!

Our Shearing was an exciting and fun-filled day during which we ran Shearing Tours to the farm so individuals could see firsthand how shearing is done and learn about our alpacas and their fiber. 

This year, in addition to our one-hour Shearing Tours, we added two, three-hour Shearing Tour/Tractor-Pulled Hayride to the tour schedule for those individuals who wanted to spend additional time touring the farm and visiting with the other animals after the Shearing Tour.

Currently, we’re in the process of going through all our pictures of the event and will be posting them soon, so be sure to check back!