Festival Fun!

Recently, Miss Laura had a hooman called Vetranairion (and I thought my buddy Aurion had a funny name) come to the farm and put something called a microchip in me.  She said it would only sting a bit, and then I’d be sure never to get lost when she takes me out and about off the farm. 

She was right, it only stung for a sec, but nobody told me about how cold the alcohol swab would be!  And right below my ear!  Geez, warn a girl sometimes why don’t ya? I think I peed myself a little from the shock! Anyway, I’m learning life has its ups and downs and that was a real downer!

It was worth it though, cause Miss Laura made it up to me and took me to my first festival!  It was at this farm where they grow something called lavundar.  Lavundar smells really good, and I could catch whiffs of it all day. Kinda similar to the stuff they rubbed under my nose when I got sheared.

It was HOT, HOT, HOT, but Miss Laura and Mister John put my friend French Hope and me under a canopee with a fan and lots of water to keep us cool. 

I’ve never seen so many hoomans in my life!  Everybody wanted to touch me.  I played it safe for awhile though and hid behind French Hope who is experienced in such things. 

French Hope’s real name is Espoire, but all the hoomans have trouble saying it so they just call her French Hope cause there’s already a Hope that lives with my Mama Rose down in Barn 8.  French Hope came to the farm recently from another paca farm, and I really like her.  She’s worldly having traveled and all. She’s also kind of an attention hog, but I don’t mind.

Anyway, I wasn’t all that crazy about the big hoomans touching me.  I lost track of the times Miss Laura had to tell silly hoomans not to touch our topknots.  I mean really, do YOU like YOUR hairdo messed with?

I did enjoy watching the little hoomans and later on in the afternoon, I let some touch me.  It was a long day. Finally French Hope and I both just sat down and cushed.  Miss Laura was like, “That’s it, time to take the girls home.” And so she and Mister John walked us back to the van and home we went! 

We were really tired when we got back to the barn but all the girls had to hear about everything! Truth be told, the other girls were a little jealous of the adventure French Hope and I had! I went to bed feeling very special and dreamt about going to another one. . . maybe I’ll let more hoomans touch me next time. . . maybe not! LOL! 

Out and About and On the Town!

Now that I have a new fibercut to sport, Miss Laura and my personal photographer, Miss Carol, took me and some of my gal pals from Barn 4 on a short roadtrip to this place called Tractor Supply recently. I was really surprised that instead of putting us in a trailer to drive us somewhere, Miss Laura had us hop into a thing she calls a van. I like that much better ’cause I can see out the window. It’s a BIG world outside the farm and seems to go on forever!

Apparently, if I’m going to be going to a show sometime, I need to get used to riding around and being touched by hoomans I don’t know outside the comfort of my pen.  I don’t mind so far.  I like adventure and I know Miss Laura will always keep me safe.

It was a hot day, and I sure do like my new fibercut ’cause it keeps me cool. I don’t mind my halter too much either, but sometimes it makes my nose itch.

This Tractor Supply place is weird. There’s all this stuff inside this building that hoomans trade for these pieces of paper that get handed to another hooman that takes the paper and puts it in a thing that dings and buzzes everytime a hooman touches it. They even have plants in pots for sale instead of just growing them on the ground like in my pasture. Geez, it would take a lot of these plants to even begin to fill up my pasture, and these plants don’t look as tasty as the grass we have at the farm. Hoomans are VERY strange!

All in all, it was a nice adventure, and I got to meet a lot of hoomans. I wonder where Miss Laura will take me next? I can’t wait!

My Day at the Spa! (aka The Shearing)

Well, THAT was interesting!

So, I’ve got a new “fibercut!”

If you hadn’t heard, we had this thing called a Shearing a couple weekends ago.  I’d just gotten used to being in Barn 4 with my new friends (BTW, Yara is being much nicer to me, so I think my “plan” is working.) Anyway, early one Saturday, here comes a big trailer and all of us got haltered and led into it.  Wasn’t a very long ride.  I wasn’t scared cause Miss Monnique and some of the other girl pacas were like,  “Spa Day!”

Well, we got down to the big barn near where I used to live with my Mama Rose and all of us were put into a stall together.  I’ve never seen so many hoomans on the farm at one time! It was exciting, but strange.  Every time one of the girls were led away, they came back almost buck naked!

When my turn came, I was bound and determined not to make a fuss like some of the other girls.  I have to say though, when we got to the shearing barn and I saw what they were doing and heard all the noise, I did think about spitting at someone. . .but, I didn’t.

First thing they did was sit me down and pet me and tell me what lovely fiber I have.  (It is nice, if I do say so myself).   I was so busy agreeing with them I hardly noticed they had cabled my legs front and back.

Then, this nice hooman Miss Brittany, stayed with me as I was stretched out so the shearer could safely and quickly remove my fleece.  She continued to talk to me throughout my shearing and that made it soooo much easier.

First they took off my blanket.  That’s the fiber on my stomach, sides, and back and it came off all in one piece as they rolled me over. Have to say, the buzzing of the clippers tickled a bit. 

They worked on shearing my neck and topknot next. Not too sure how I felt about the hooman holding my ears, but I guess I’ll get used to it in time.  Apparently, I’ll be getting sheared once a year for the rest of my life.  At least that’s what Miss Laura told me.

After that, they trimmed up my legs and tail and stood me up! Goodness it went fast and I was done in less than 15 minutes.  I felt so much lighter when I stood up.

Oh, and guess what?  I got a special fibercut called a “lion cut”.  Not every paca gets that.  Only those who get to go to these things called shows!  That’s right!  Miss Laura said she’s gonna take me to a show sometime later this year!

I’m a Big Girl Now!

So, last week Miss Laura took my Mama Rose and me for a walk. I thought at first we were just going to visit Stella like before, but we went the other way. We walked up this long road and GUESS WHAT!!!! There were all these other pacas I’d never seen before! WOW!

I was standing next to this barn and looking at these girl pacas with Miss Laura, and she was telling me how cool they were and asking me if I’d like to meet them. “Yes Ma’am!” I said.

My New Friends In Barn 4
Miss Monnique

So we went in and she introduced me and showed me where the water was and the hay. Most of the other girls came up to us right away and introduced themselves. Some were a little shy, but we’re slowly getting to know one another. I still have trouble remembering all their names, but Miss Laura and Miss Monnique said I’d be in Barn 4 for awhile so there’s plenty of time.

Miss Monnique lives with us in Barn 4. She’s our Barn Mother. She can be real strict at times but means well. Sometimes she’s a little scary and spits at some of the girl pacas when they get into an argument or don’t share the hay with each other. She doesn’t care much for my hooman assistant, Tee. I asked Tee why Miss Monnique gives her the stink eye all the time. Tee said it was because she scolded Monnique one time for pooping seconds later exactly in the spot she had just cleaned up and then Monnique spit in her ear. Tee says they have “history.”

I asked Monnique about it and she said, “When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. And anyway, cleaning up after us is what hoomans are for. At least we always go in the same spot, being communal and all.”

Tee said that Monnique was a good mama to her cria when she had them, and that’s why she’s Barn Mother now to the young girl pacas. It’s just she’s a bit cranky at times cause she only has young pacas to hang out with and that can get old. Even though Monnique hasn’t forgiven Tee for their spat, Tee says she’s on a mission to make Monnique like her by “killing her with kindness.”

Anyway, while I was meeting everybody for the first time, my Mama Rose was walked up to another barn to hang out with others her own age. She told me this would happen someday when I got weaned. Now I know what she was talking about. I sometimes miss her and every once in awhile I catch a glimpse of her up in another pasture. Miss Monnique said I might get to live with her someday again when I get bigger, but right now I needed to “grow up and be a big girl.” So, I’m trying.

Seastar and Me. We’re Like Night and Day.

I like all the girl pacas in my barn, particularly Seastar who is my size and “gets me” cause it wasn’t so long ago since she moved away from her mama. She gets to go to something called “shows” with Miss Laura and win these pretty things called “reebonns.” I sure do hope Miss Laura takes me somewhere sometime. I think that would be fun! Maybe if I show her what a big girl I am.

There’s this one paca that I absolutely ADORE! Her name is Yara, and I want to be just like her when I grow up! I like to follow her around and when she takes a dust bath, I take a dust bath. I like to try and eat right next to her too when Miss Laura brings our grain bowls. I think she’s bee-U-ti-full! I love her ear tuffs! I hope I get ear tuffs someday just like Yara. At first, she just kept spitting at me when I was following her around and telling me to leave her alone. Now she just kind of ignores me, but I think she kinda likes me. I’m gonna do just like Tee is doing with Monnique and “kill her with kindness” ’til she likes me back and quits spitting at me. I’m very fun once you get to know me.

I think we look alike. Don’t You?

Hope You Had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Miss Laura’s been at it again, dressing us up at the farm. This time it was for something called St. Patty’s Day, whatever that is. I do think green’s my color though.

She dressed Aurion and his new friend Viserion up too. Apparently, Aurion’s having a lot of fun with his new friends up in Barn 5. I’m glad he’s happy, but if you ask me I think I look better in the hat than Viserion. Looks like Aurion is just turning into a big dork!

Mama Rose says I’m getting weaned next week. She says we’ll still be able to see each other, but it’s time for me to make friends my own age. So, stayed tuned for next week’s post. . .

Hey Everybody! My Name is Nightsong!

I live in Barn 3 with my mama, Rose. I was born on August 27 last year.  Here’s a picture of me with my hooman mama, Miss Laura, right after I was born.  She was cleaning me off, while my mama had a snack.

I don’t remember much about that day except that it was really dark, then really BRIGHT!  It was kinda hard to stand up at first, but I think I got the hang of it pretty fast.  And then I got really hungry, and I don’t know exactly why I knew to go to my mama, but go I went.  It would’ve been easier if the ground under my feet held still, but I made it to her just fine.

I like living in Barn 3. I get lots of attention from not only my mama, but all the other mama pacas, too.  And, every once in awhile a bunch of hoomans show up and take pictures of me.  I like to go up to the fence and pose when they do, cause it makes them happy, and they try to make humming noises like “ooh” and “aaw.”  I don’t tell them that they’re not exactly saying anything that makes sense.  I do appreciate their effort to talk Alpaca.

Up until recently, my best friend Aurion lived here with his mama.  I loved jumping on him and following him around, and he was really sweet to me.  Miss Laura loved dressing us up for various holidays.  Life was PERFECT! But then, he started jumping around on some of the mamas, and they didn’t think that was as much fun as I do.  Sooo, Miss Laura sent him to live with the young boy pacas in another barn.  Mama Rose said that was perfectly normal and he didn’t do anything wrong, he was just growing up and needed to be weaned.  I asked her what “weaned” was, and mama said, “That’s when you won’t want me to feed you anymore, and you’ll start wanting to hang out with girl pacas your own age.” I can’t imagine EVER not wanting to be with my mama!

I sure do miss Aurion, but Miss Laura brought someone to visit me the other day.  Her name is Stella. She lives in the fenced-in area across from my barn, and I’ve seen her over there from time to time.  She’s kinda funny looking.  Mama says that’s ‘cause she’s a miniature horse.  I like her, and we both like to dress up like hoomans.

I hope you like my blog, and visit often.  I’ll try and post regularly, but since I haven’t learned to type, I have to dictate everything to my hooman assistant.  Oh, and she reminded me to remind my followers about our shearing set for Saturday, April 6.  I’m not sure exactly what a shearing is.  My mama said she’d explain that to me later.