Festival Fun!

Recently, Miss Laura had a hooman called Vetranairion (and I thought my buddy Aurion had a funny name) come to the farm and put something called a microchip in me.  She said it would only sting a bit, and then I’d be sure never to get lost when she takes me out and about off the farm. 

She was right, it only stung for a sec, but nobody told me about how cold the alcohol swab would be!  And right below my ear!  Geez, warn a girl sometimes why don’t ya? I think I peed myself a little from the shock! Anyway, I’m learning life has its ups and downs and that was a real downer!

It was worth it though, cause Miss Laura made it up to me and took me to my first festival!  It was at this farm where they grow something called lavundar.  Lavundar smells really good, and I could catch whiffs of it all day. Kinda similar to the stuff they rubbed under my nose when I got sheared.

It was HOT, HOT, HOT, but Miss Laura and Mister John put my friend French Hope and me under a canopee with a fan and lots of water to keep us cool. 

I’ve never seen so many hoomans in my life!  Everybody wanted to touch me.  I played it safe for awhile though and hid behind French Hope who is experienced in such things. 

French Hope’s real name is Espoire, but all the hoomans have trouble saying it so they just call her French Hope cause there’s already a Hope that lives with my Mama Rose down in Barn 8.  French Hope came to the farm recently from another paca farm, and I really like her.  She’s worldly having traveled and all. She’s also kind of an attention hog, but I don’t mind.

Anyway, I wasn’t all that crazy about the big hoomans touching me.  I lost track of the times Miss Laura had to tell silly hoomans not to touch our topknots.  I mean really, do YOU like YOUR hairdo messed with?

I did enjoy watching the little hoomans and later on in the afternoon, I let some touch me.  It was a long day. Finally French Hope and I both just sat down and cushed.  Miss Laura was like, “That’s it, time to take the girls home.” And so she and Mister John walked us back to the van and home we went! 

We were really tired when we got back to the barn but all the girls had to hear about everything! Truth be told, the other girls were a little jealous of the adventure French Hope and I had! I went to bed feeling very special and dreamt about going to another one. . . maybe I’ll let more hoomans touch me next time. . . maybe not! LOL!