Out and About and On the Town!

Now that I have a new fibercut to sport, Miss Laura and my personal photographer, Miss Carol, took me and some of my gal pals from Barn 4 on a short roadtrip to this place called Tractor Supply recently. I was really surprised that instead of putting us in a trailer to drive us somewhere, Miss Laura had us hop into a thing she calls a van. I like that much better ’cause I can see out the window. It’s a BIG world outside the farm and seems to go on forever!

Apparently, if I’m going to be going to a show sometime, I need to get used to riding around and being touched by hoomans I don’t know outside the comfort of my pen.  I don’t mind so far.  I like adventure and I know Miss Laura will always keep me safe.

It was a hot day, and I sure do like my new fibercut ’cause it keeps me cool. I don’t mind my halter too much either, but sometimes it makes my nose itch.

This Tractor Supply place is weird. There’s all this stuff inside this building that hoomans trade for these pieces of paper that get handed to another hooman that takes the paper and puts it in a thing that dings and buzzes everytime a hooman touches it. They even have plants in pots for sale instead of just growing them on the ground like in my pasture. Geez, it would take a lot of these plants to even begin to fill up my pasture, and these plants don’t look as tasty as the grass we have at the farm. Hoomans are VERY strange!

All in all, it was a nice adventure, and I got to meet a lot of hoomans. I wonder where Miss Laura will take me next? I can’t wait!