My Day at the Spa! (aka The Shearing)

Well, THAT was interesting!

So, I’ve got a new “fibercut!”

If you hadn’t heard, we had this thing called a Shearing a couple weekends ago.  I’d just gotten used to being in Barn 4 with my new friends (BTW, Yara is being much nicer to me, so I think my “plan” is working.) Anyway, early one Saturday, here comes a big trailer and all of us got haltered and led into it.  Wasn’t a very long ride.  I wasn’t scared cause Miss Monnique and some of the other girl pacas were like,  “Spa Day!”

Well, we got down to the big barn near where I used to live with my Mama Rose and all of us were put into a stall together.  I’ve never seen so many hoomans on the farm at one time! It was exciting, but strange.  Every time one of the girls were led away, they came back almost buck naked!

When my turn came, I was bound and determined not to make a fuss like some of the other girls.  I have to say though, when we got to the shearing barn and I saw what they were doing and heard all the noise, I did think about spitting at someone. . .but, I didn’t.

First thing they did was sit me down and pet me and tell me what lovely fiber I have.  (It is nice, if I do say so myself).   I was so busy agreeing with them I hardly noticed they had cabled my legs front and back.

Then, this nice hooman Miss Brittany, stayed with me as I was stretched out so the shearer could safely and quickly remove my fleece.  She continued to talk to me throughout my shearing and that made it soooo much easier.

First they took off my blanket.  That’s the fiber on my stomach, sides, and back and it came off all in one piece as they rolled me over. Have to say, the buzzing of the clippers tickled a bit. 

They worked on shearing my neck and topknot next. Not too sure how I felt about the hooman holding my ears, but I guess I’ll get used to it in time.  Apparently, I’ll be getting sheared once a year for the rest of my life.  At least that’s what Miss Laura told me.

After that, they trimmed up my legs and tail and stood me up! Goodness it went fast and I was done in less than 15 minutes.  I felt so much lighter when I stood up.

Oh, and guess what?  I got a special fibercut called a “lion cut”.  Not every paca gets that.  Only those who get to go to these things called shows!  That’s right!  Miss Laura said she’s gonna take me to a show sometime later this year!