I’m a Big Girl Now!

So, last week Miss Laura took my Mama Rose and me for a walk. I thought at first we were just going to visit Stella like before, but we went the other way. We walked up this long road and GUESS WHAT!!!! There were all these other pacas I’d never seen before! WOW!

I was standing next to this barn and looking at these girl pacas with Miss Laura, and she was telling me how cool they were and asking me if I’d like to meet them. “Yes Ma’am!” I said.

My New Friends In Barn 4
Miss Monnique

So we went in and she introduced me and showed me where the water was and the hay. Most of the other girls came up to us right away and introduced themselves. Some were a little shy, but we’re slowly getting to know one another. I still have trouble remembering all their names, but Miss Laura and Miss Monnique said I’d be in Barn 4 for awhile so there’s plenty of time.

Miss Monnique lives with us in Barn 4. She’s our Barn Mother. She can be real strict at times but means well. Sometimes she’s a little scary and spits at some of the girl pacas when they get into an argument or don’t share the hay with each other. She doesn’t care much for my hooman assistant, Tee. I asked Tee why Miss Monnique gives her the stink eye all the time. Tee said it was because she scolded Monnique one time for pooping seconds later exactly in the spot she had just cleaned up and then Monnique spit in her ear. Tee says they have “history.”

I asked Monnique about it and she said, “When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. And anyway, cleaning up after us is what hoomans are for. At least we always go in the same spot, being communal and all.”

Tee said that Monnique was a good mama to her cria when she had them, and that’s why she’s Barn Mother now to the young girl pacas. It’s just she’s a bit cranky at times cause she only has young pacas to hang out with and that can get old. Even though Monnique hasn’t forgiven Tee for their spat, Tee says she’s on a mission to make Monnique like her by “killing her with kindness.”

Anyway, while I was meeting everybody for the first time, my Mama Rose was walked up to another barn to hang out with others her own age. She told me this would happen someday when I got weaned. Now I know what she was talking about. I sometimes miss her and every once in awhile I catch a glimpse of her up in another pasture. Miss Monnique said I might get to live with her someday again when I get bigger, but right now I needed to “grow up and be a big girl.” So, I’m trying.

Seastar and Me. We’re Like Night and Day.

I like all the girl pacas in my barn, particularly Seastar who is my size and “gets me” cause it wasn’t so long ago since she moved away from her mama. She gets to go to something called “shows” with Miss Laura and win these pretty things called “reebonns.” I sure do hope Miss Laura takes me somewhere sometime. I think that would be fun! Maybe if I show her what a big girl I am.

There’s this one paca that I absolutely ADORE! Her name is Yara, and I want to be just like her when I grow up! I like to follow her around and when she takes a dust bath, I take a dust bath. I like to try and eat right next to her too when Miss Laura brings our grain bowls. I think she’s bee-U-ti-full! I love her ear tuffs! I hope I get ear tuffs someday just like Yara. At first, she just kept spitting at me when I was following her around and telling me to leave her alone. Now she just kind of ignores me, but I think she kinda likes me. I’m gonna do just like Tee is doing with Monnique and “kill her with kindness” ’til she likes me back and quits spitting at me. I’m very fun once you get to know me.

I think we look alike. Don’t You?