Hope You Had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Miss Laura’s been at it again, dressing us up at the farm. This time it was for something called St. Patty’s Day, whatever that is. I do think green’s my color though.

She dressed Aurion and his new friend Viserion up too. Apparently, Aurion’s having a lot of fun with his new friends up in Barn 5. I’m glad he’s happy, but if you ask me I think I look better in the hat than Viserion. Looks like Aurion is just turning into a big dork!

Mama Rose says I’m getting weaned next week. She says we’ll still be able to see each other, but it’s time for me to make friends my own age. So, stayed tuned for next week’s post. . .

Hey Everybody! My Name is Nightsong!

I live in Barn 3 with my mama, Rose. I was born on August 27 last year.  Here’s a picture of me with my hooman mama, Miss Laura, right after I was born.  She was cleaning me off, while my mama had a snack.

I don’t remember much about that day except that it was really dark, then really BRIGHT!  It was kinda hard to stand up at first, but I think I got the hang of it pretty fast.  And then I got really hungry, and I don’t know exactly why I knew to go to my mama, but go I went.  It would’ve been easier if the ground under my feet held still, but I made it to her just fine.

I like living in Barn 3. I get lots of attention from not only my mama, but all the other mama pacas, too.  And, every once in awhile a bunch of hoomans show up and take pictures of me.  I like to go up to the fence and pose when they do, cause it makes them happy, and they try to make humming noises like “ooh” and “aaw.”  I don’t tell them that they’re not exactly saying anything that makes sense.  I do appreciate their effort to talk Alpaca.

Up until recently, my best friend Aurion lived here with his mama.  I loved jumping on him and following him around, and he was really sweet to me.  Miss Laura loved dressing us up for various holidays.  Life was PERFECT! But then, he started jumping around on some of the mamas, and they didn’t think that was as much fun as I do.  Sooo, Miss Laura sent him to live with the young boy pacas in another barn.  Mama Rose said that was perfectly normal and he didn’t do anything wrong, he was just growing up and needed to be weaned.  I asked her what “weaned” was, and mama said, “That’s when you won’t want me to feed you anymore, and you’ll start wanting to hang out with girl pacas your own age.” I can’t imagine EVER not wanting to be with my mama!

I sure do miss Aurion, but Miss Laura brought someone to visit me the other day.  Her name is Stella. She lives in the fenced-in area across from my barn, and I’ve seen her over there from time to time.  She’s kinda funny looking.  Mama says that’s ‘cause she’s a miniature horse.  I like her, and we both like to dress up like hoomans.

I hope you like my blog, and visit often.  I’ll try and post regularly, but since I haven’t learned to type, I have to dictate everything to my hooman assistant.  Oh, and she reminded me to remind my followers about our shearing set for Saturday, April 6.  I’m not sure exactly what a shearing is.  My mama said she’d explain that to me later.