Camp Day 2

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Day 2

·        9:45 – 10 A.M. -  Meet at FWF Boutique

·        10 A.M.  Get on the Bus!

·        10:15 Park and Hike!

o   See active farming in progress as we make our way to today’s farm animals.

·        11:00-12:25 Alpacas and Guard Llamas

o   Today we will learn the history of the Alpaca and their role in the world today.

o   Meet award winning champion alpacas.

o   How their fleece has become a staple in the world today.

o   Hands on training on handling alpacas.

o   What it means to be a “herd” animal.

o   Ross & Jack. Guard Llamas. That’s all we can say here.

·        12:30- 1:00

o   Snacks/Lunch

·        1-1:45 Farm Project Workshop

Bird House, Day 2. Base Painting their birdhouse and designing the next stages of their creation with Teddy!

·        1:45-2:00 Clean up and return to FWF Boutique.




Camp Day 1

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Camp Time!

Welcome Campers!  Click here to see the full Camp Schedule!

Virginia Gazette “The Last Word” mentions Fox Wire Farm…

From the Last Word column in the Virginia Gazette, June 10, 2017…


"… Many thanks to John Ballentine, owner of Fox Wire Farm in Toano. My class had an awesome field trip that both the children and adults thoroughly enjoyed. Fox Wire Farm is an 200-acre farm with alpacas, Nigerian dwarf goats, cows, horses, chickens, miniature pigs and miniature donkeys. We were able to feed and pet the animals, and John Ballentine entertained us with information about the Chesapeake Bay watershed, hydroponics, their guard alpacas and terrace farming. I highly recommend everyone visiting the Fox Wire Farm…"

We would like to thank the person who wrote this for their time and effort to share their experience and voice their recommendation. We always hold ourselves to a very high standard, and always try to exceed you're expectations. Here is a link to the full article, and thank you again!

FWF Tour To Gain INT’L Exposure!

Our very own Fox Wire Farm has been added to the prestigious Virginia Tourism Corporations upcoming "Behind the Scenes in Virginina's Historic Triangle" 4-day super tour! This tour will be attended by a wide variety of international guests from all around the world. The purpose of this tour is promote our local Virginia culture to other travel and attraction companies from around the world, bringing us one step closer to our "Destination Toano" vision. Attendees will include representatives of companies from Portugal, France, The UK, and even as far away as Australia and Japan! We will also be playing host to some of the top tourism companies from the U.S.A. There will be several different writers, photographers, even videographers from such shows as Mousesteps, the weekly youtube show/ Disney themed travel company. Also in attendance will the be radio personality, Sue McCarthy, from The Travel Planners Radio Show broadcasting from the Gab Radio Network. It is fun to see big things happening right here in our own backyard.


Get On The Bus!


for your all weather farm tours…. 

bus side




bus back

The new tour bus can accomodate up to 20-25 passengers. Heat and AC to adjust to any weather. Tours are filling up fast! If you are interested in your own personal tours do not hesitate to call John at (757) 218-4520.




There is no better time than now to GET ON THE BUS!

Shearing Day is Upon Us!



Shearing day at Fox Wire Farm,and it turned out to be one beautiful day! Stay tuned and we will be adding more pictures and stories as the day goes on .

Here you can see John preparing the volunteers for their duties.IMG958152


One of our freshly shorn Alpacas.



The question of the day is… Who's next?



baby alpaca shearing


2017 Heart of Virginia Alpaca Show Winners!

I am very pleased to announce our results from last weekend's 2017 Heart of Virginia Alpaca Show, which was held in Lexington, VA.

KQA'S Remington – 1st Place (w/Laura)
SA Scorching Grey – 1st Place (w/Joey Bell)
Alpha's Westeros – 1st Place (w/Joey Bell)
Lady Sansa – 2nd Place (w/Laura)
Dothraki (aka Rocky) – 2nd Place (w/Laura)

alpaca show winner alpaca show winner3 alpaca show winner 2 alpaca show winner 4 show winner 5

Alpaca Shearing Day is Approaching!

April 8th is the day that we will be holding our annual Alpaca Shearing at Fox Wire Farm. There are still some spots left on the volunteer roster, so if you want to dig in and be up close and personal with your local Alpacas dont forget to sign up now!  Drop us a note here in the Contact Us section, or call 757.218.4520 for more details!

Veterans Day Weekend Tribute

We are holding a Veterans Day Weekend Tribute at our Farm Store & Boutique the 11th, 12th and 13th of November 2016 in honor of all who served. I'll never forget my first day at flight school when my flight instructor told me, "Some people dream the dream, some people live the dream, and some people defend the dream." This tribute goes out to all of you defenders!

As such, all Veterans (and their dependents) will receive 10% Off their entire purchase. Valid In Store Only. No limit to savings and our tribute includes all clearance and sale items. Our Fox Wire Farm Store & Boutique is located in the Toano Business Center, 8105 Richmond Road, Suite 201, Toano, VA 23168. Store Hours 0900 – 1800. I sincerely thank you again for your service! John

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Paca Fact of the Day

Alpacas are herd animals and are instinctively gregarious, as are other domestic livestock. They obtain security and contentment from having at least one other alpaca for company.

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Warm & comfortable
Maintains separation
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Does not blow around
Inert to digestive systems

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